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We are about to deploy a number of secure kiosks into an environment where they may be prone to lightning strikes and power surges on a somewhat regular basis (southern Florida in a place where the existing electrical infrastructure is, shall we say, a bit out of date). Ideally we would use battery backups on each system, but it's not in the budget. We plan to use a standard power strip with a circuit breaker built-in to protect the computers, but management has asked if there is a power strip that can reset itself after the breaker has been tripped. I've looked around and wasn't able to find such a beast, and it seems to me that it would probably be a safety issue for such a product to exist (e.g. if something plugged into the strip is drawing a lot of current and trips the breaker, you wouldn't want that resetting itself to prevent a possible fire). Nevertheless, if anyone has experience with such a product or can point me in the direction of something that would allow the breakers to be reset automatically or remotely (we don't want to have to send someone to each kiosk every time there is a power surge) I would appreciate any tips.

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I think you want a UPS and since inexpesnive ones can be had for under $100, I don't see the reason to try to reinvent the wheel. Otherwise you could modify some power strips and use a auto resetting type breaker. You can use your favorite search engine to easily find them. Some power strips will reset as well, but if you are worried about a fire, then just a regular power strip will do the trick. Maybe mount the manual reset switch on the back of the case so a local user can re-enable the power from outside the cabinet? – MikeAWood Jun 1 '12 at 20:31
@MikeAWood A UPS would be ideal and is what I want, but management doesn't want to pay $70-$80 per unit nor do they want to deal with battery replacement every 3-4 years (we're deploying hundreds of kiosks). The deployment will either use a standard power strip/surge protector, or one with an auto-reset option (which is what I'm looking for). Making the reset button user-accessible isn't an option either for a variety of reasons. Modifying a surge protector is an idea, but would likely not pass fire inspection because the parts would lose their UL-listed status. – Justin Scott Jun 2 '12 at 1:06
rnxrx's suggestion for the surge supressor would be an industrial solution. You could home brew something like a din rail mounted breaker and recepticals, but I would think the cost for doing so would be prohibitive. UPS' are a pain to manage over time, so I feel your pain there. It is a good question, but I doubt there is a "cheap" answer. – MikeAWood Jun 2 '12 at 1:40

Auto resetting surge suppressors can be found on google - for example

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