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I'm getting the ball rolling on puppet for my environment - and I'd like to have a conditional file resource based on whether or not the module itself contains a file based on a naming convention.

So visually, assume a module named 'mysql' and it's layout:


So I'd like the block to verify if the resource for the module exists or not, and take action accordingly, in pseudo-terms:

file { '/etc/my.cnf':

  if -f 'puppet:///mysql/etc/my.$hostname.cnf' {
      source => 'puppet:///mysql/etc/my.$hostname.cnf'
  else {
      source => 'puppet:///mysql/etc/my.cnf'

This way one wouldn't have to manage a csv file or the .pp file with a host specific case statement - is this possible?

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http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/2.6.11/type.html#file specifies you can do file{'/etc/my.cnf': source => [ "puppet:///mysql/etc/my.$hostname.cnf" , "puppet:///mysql/etc/my.cnf" ] }

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That's a big ol 'DOH, RTFM' for me, shame >.< - thanks! –  thinice Jun 1 '12 at 21:41

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