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I currently have 2 Amazon EC2 Windows Server 2008 instances setup with a load balancer. My problem now is that I need both instances to be able to access a single file system source (I'm trying to use Amazon S3).

Basically now I'm using TntDrive to mount an S3 bucket on both of my servers, and it works fine. However, once I setup my IIS server and point a website to the network drive that TntDrive mounted, it all goes to hell. It seems like it's caching files somewhere but I've checked TntDrive's settings and all the caching appears to be turned off, unless it's doing some caching that I can't turn off.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Is there a better way to do this?


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Can you elaborate on "it all goes to hell"? What is the problem, exactly? – Nikhil Dabas Jun 4 '12 at 20:21

You have to reconfigure the netstat IO configuration. Go into the control panel, then click "Network Settings", then there (should) be an IO configuration option. When it asks for netstat ID type, just select 3 (this is the standard configuration for network drives).

The computer should then reboot with the CPanel open. If it says "Success", you should be good to go. Normally after I reconfigure the netstat IO I like to do a reboot succession allocation, so just do control + 3 + f5, that should renetwork your system around the S3 configuration.

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