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I'm trying to automatically start an SSH tunnel to my server on boot from a ubuntu box. I have an ubuntu box that's mounted on an 18-wheeler and is networked behind an air card. The box hosts a mysql database that i'm trying to have replicated when the aircard is connected. As I can never be sure of my IP and how many or which routers I'm behind I'm connected to my replication server with an SSH tunnel. I got that working using the following command:

ssh -R 3307:localhost:3307

Now I'd like that to start whenever the box is, and be alive all the time, so I installed auto-ssh and setup this little script:

autossh -2 -fN -M 20000 -R 3307:localhost:3306 ${ID}@${HOST}

I've tried putting this scrip in /etc/init.d/ and using a post-up command in /etc/network/interfaces as well as putting it in /etc/network/if-up.d/. In both situations the script starts on boot, but the tunnel doesn't appear to be correctly established. The script works when run manually.

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If it is running properly but not connecting, I would suspect that it is getting ahead of itself and not waiting until the network is connected. Try delaying the tunnel by adding a sleep at the beginning of the script. sleep 60 would probably do the job, not sure how fast your connection establishes.

I suspect this since autossh gives up if the first attempt is not successful. From the README:

If the ssh session fails with an exit status of 1 on the very first 
try, autossh will assume that there is some problem with syntax or
the connection setup, and will exit rather than retrying;

Note that it also says you can set AUTOSSH_GATETIME to 0 to disable that behaviour.

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When you run the script, do you enter the password manually? If so, you'll have to set up paswordless login using SSH keys.

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Hi Hayalci, I've generated the keys so it's passwordless. – Ken Jun 4 '12 at 21:29

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