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This morning I am unable to log into SQL Server because it appears to be busy doing something, so much so that CPU usage is constantly at 98%-99%. I am guessing that something has gone wrong with the maintenance plan that ran over the weekend, but I can't get into the error logs see what is happening.

On logging in I keep getting messages like "insufficiently memory in the buffer pool" and "the server is not responding".

Is there any way I can figure out what is happening without logging onto to the server? Or some way I can squeeze in a login?

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Try connection to it remotely with PowerShell.
This usually requires less resources then a full fledged RDP-session.


invoke-command -computername myServer -scriptblock {Get-Process}

This way you can get a look at what's running remotely and later on, kill it.

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Let's hope that the remote servers powershell has been configured for remote execution. winrm quickconfig to the rescue! – Mark Henderson Jun 4 '12 at 9:29
Ah, yes, that is something we do on every install :). – Bart De Vos Jun 4 '12 at 9:31

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