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I'am using Amazon SDK for PHP to create instances but I need to assign IP for each instance. In the case I create around 30 instances per week, which would be the best approach to assign IPs to them?

I see Elastic IP is the built-in solution for this, but I'am not sure if the limit can be extended to allow to create such amount of IPs.

I'am not sure if it's possible but if I have a range of IPs by my own, is there a way to assign them to the instances?

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You can't assign your own IP's to the instances. You have to use an elastic IP. You can get the limit removed by filling out this form:


Note: Elastic IPs are public (IPV4) internet addresses, and hence a scarce resource. We strongly encourage customers to use Elastic IPs primarily for load balancing use cases, and private IP addresses for all other internode communication. If you feel your architecture warrants an exception, please continue to fill out the form below. We appreciate you working with Amazon EC2 to use these public resources efficiently.

So, why would you need so many Elastic Ip's? Set up a load balancer and use the internal IPs after that, it will end up costing you less.

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Can you reference on some more information about setting a load balancer and assigning internal IPs after that? – Orlando Jun 5 '12 at 7:58

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