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I'm trying to set up postfix to allow relaying under a limited set of conditions:

  • The destination domain is one of a pre-defined list
  • The client successfully logs in

Here's the relevant bits o' config:


The problem is that it requires that BOTH restrictions be satisfied, rather than either-or. Which is to say, it only allows relaying if the client is authenticated AND the recipient domain is

Instead, I need it to allow relaying if either one of the requirements is satisfied. How do I do this without resorting to running SMTP on two separate ports with different rules?

The context is an outbound-use-only (bound to MTA on a shared web server which all site owners are allowed to relay mail to one of the "owned" domains (not server-local, though), and for which a limited set of "trusted" site owners are allowed to relay mail without restriction provided they have a valid SMTP login.

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And of course I figure it out 6 minutes after posting the question.

You can put permit_sasl_authenticated in your smtpd_recipient_restrictions setting and remove the smtpd_client_restrictions altogether.


The fact that this option is not documented in has proved to be a source of not an insignificant amount of frustration in this case.

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Yep. Great documentation and super useful errors in the logs make working with Postfix uber fun. – willdanceforfun Feb 23 '15 at 6:48

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