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I've attached a volume to a running instance in order to change the owner of /var directory (I did the mistake of changing the owner of /var and lost the access to the instance).

Running cat /proc/partitions

major minor  #blocks  name

 202        1    8388608 xvda1
 202       80    8388608 xvdf

The var directory I want to change the owner is in "xvdf".

How I do it?


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You need to mount the filesystem on the volume in order to access the files:

mkdir /mnt/xvdf
mount /dev/xvdf /mnt/xvdf

Make the necessary changes in /mnt/xvdf/var, and then unmount it before detaching the volume:

umount /mnt/xvdf
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I've done it but the file is empty... – Juan Carlos Jun 5 '12 at 21:11
@JuanCarlos What is empty? The /mnt/xvdf directory? Does mount show that it's mounted? – mgorven Jun 5 '12 at 21:12

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