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I've got a screen set up, I access it like this 'screen -r' it works fine, but when I go to put it in the background, I've previously used 'Ctrl a+d' but every time I try that now it puts '^A' in terminal instead and it won't detach :(

I've tried using Coda 2 rather than terminal but I'm still getting the same issue.

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^A Is the default escape character for screen. If you have this problem, this means that the screen you are using has been configured to use a different escape character. Search for escape in the configuration file (/etc/screenrc and $HOME/.screenrc).

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Attach to the screen session. In another terminal, do the following:

screen -ls                           # to determine which screen session to access
screen -dr -X 'help'  # substituting the screen session from the previous step

Now you should see a help screen in the attached screen session. At the top, the current command key will be listed next to "Command key:".

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