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I am stuck in a situation which I cannot figure out. Here is my issue.

I got an SSL certificate from a trusted authority and installed it in my server. Then, I configured my website to use that certificate in port 443 with an IP address which is unused.

Then, I navigated to my web site to see if it works but I see that IIS gives the wrong certificate for this request. So, the browser blocks the response from being rendered.

I thought that IIS did something wrong while configuring and I checked the certificate mappings with the following command:

netsh http show sslcert

I get the Certificate Hash and run the following command to see if the certificate is the one that I need:

get-item cert:\LocalMachine\My\DC0D3FF5D752CD58FD291C48F30646FD9E0D8AED

It is indeed the one I needed. But, strangely I am still getting the wrong certificate when I navigate the web page.

Can u guide me where else I should look and what might be the cause of this?

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It is so ironic that the answer popped up in my stupid head after I submitted this question. DNS Host A record was pointing to wrong IP address and that's why I was getting the wrong cert. Changed the IP address for the DNS Host A record and it is all working now.

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