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I'd like to know how to configure my DNS to be able to use a wildcard for my domain and an MX record together. Here is what I've done:

@   IN SOA (2012052100 86400 3600 3600000 300)
              IN  NS 
              IN  NS 
              IN  MX 1 
              IN  A 
*             IN  CNAME 
www           IN  CNAME 

The problem is that when I check my DNS, I get this error:

MX records shall not point to an alias defined by a CNAME

Because of this error, it look like I can't send mails from some internet providers.

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up vote 2 down vote accepted needs to be an A record, instead of getting caught by the wildcard CNAME.

If it's on that same server, then just give it an A record:

mail          IN  A

I'm not sure how strictly relays actually enforce this part of the standard, since it just causes some extra lookups, but it's better to be on the compliant side!

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Perfect! My problem is solved and I can now send mail !!! Thanks a lot. Just a last question, can you tell me if I can remove my www CNAME record since I'm already using a wildcard ? – Nicolas BADIA Jun 6 '12 at 15:47
@NicolasBADIA Yes, you can safely remove that record. – Shane Madden Jun 6 '12 at 15:53

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