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In outlook 2007 i like to keep all my emails very organised so i have ended up with quite a bit of folder cascading. Its great when i start going through all the email that i know where it all is but the big problem is the unread count does not "cascade down the tree".

For instance if i have my folders like this:

  • Logs (20)
    • Failed logs (100)
    • Timeout Logs (50)

I want to be able to see 170 in logs instead of just 20.

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Unfortuantely I'm pretty sure there is no way to do this in outlook currently.

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How about using search folders as the "sub folders"

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Upvote for JS and search folders. I can't comment yet. :(

Search folders will give you the count of items meeting the criteria. In my case I have a search folder for backup failures. Any customer with a back up failure meets the search criteria and I can see at a glance the number of failure emails.

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