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I have a bunch of linux servers. I have a Windows Server 2008 DC/DHCP/DNS server.

The DHCP server is set to do authenticated updates to DNS, and it works well enough. When you renew DHCP on the linux box, the A record shows up in DNS.

However, at some point 2-3 days after that, the records are disappearing. Running "service network restart" on the CentOS boxes fixes it (and dhclient -r on ubuntu), but I'd like to figure out why they're disappearing in the first place.

I don't have stale record scavenging enabled on the DNS server, and the DHCP lease time is 8 days.

How can I prevent my DNS records from disappearing?

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Are you absolutely sure there's no scavenging enabled on the DNS server, at either the server level or the zone level? –  Shane Madden Jun 7 '12 at 17:50
Yup, just double checked. Scavenging is disabled on the server as a whole and on the zone in question. –  Dan R Jun 7 '12 at 17:54
And just to make sure - if the zone is AD integrated, and there are other domain controllers hosting it, and have you verified that they're not set to scavenge either? –  Shane Madden Jun 7 '12 at 17:56
@ShaneMadden, I think you might be the winner here. I feel like a dolt, but it looks like my other DC was set to scavenge. Didn't occur to me that those settings might not propogate between systems. I'll have to wait a few days to make sure it's fixed though. (yay) –  Dan R Jun 7 '12 at 18:18
BTW, you say on your question DHCP is set not to scavenge, but this is a DNS setting. You may want to clarify. –  uSlackr Jun 7 '12 at 21:56

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