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I'm trying to deploy a scheduled task with a GPO.

The task is set to run at login and executes a batch file, which then executes an EXE file.

However, I also need it to be interactive and run with admin privledges to bypass the UAC prompt for a username and password when the exe file runs.

I created the task for "Vista and later".

I've tried running the task as mydoman\administrator and as NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated users with "run only when user is logged in" and "run with highest privledges" selected.

If I log in as anyone but administrator, the task does run in the background, as I can see the cmd.exe process running in task manager as mydomain\administrator. Only if I log in as administrator do I then see the cmd window with the batch script running.

How can I get the cmd window to display no matter which user logs in?

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