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I have a .RRD file in with an old statistics and I want to separate one datasource and add to the new statistics. These 2 RRD are in the same format but with different names of datasources and different time of creation.

How can I separate a datasource from 1 old file? Then how to sum to the other datasource in new file?

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Does rrdjig help?

From the announcement,

In a project for init7 [edited url out] I have implemented rrdjig. This tool can populate an rrd file based on the data found in an existing rrd. It recreates an aproximation of the original data stream and feeds it into the destination rrd file using rrdtool update. With this method it is possible to do arbitrary rrd format conversions.

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Thank you, It's worked but I discover that my .rrd files have different datastructures. – Jaime Jun 13 '12 at 17:51

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