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I am building an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2010 for an IT department with several teams. It looks like our scenario would benefit from using sub-sites for each team that is using the enterprise wiki. Common information would be in the parent wiki site, and each team's specific information would be in sub-sites.

The one problem that I am having is that there is a shared list with information in the parent wiki site, but the sub sites can no longer link to it.

When editing pages in the enterprise wiki's sub-sites, is there a way to create a link (using the [[ function) to a list item or page in the parent site?

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I have seen many threads like this one (…) but am not trying to create a view or embed the list. I want wiki contributors to be able to type [[ and link directly to items in the parent site's list. – SturdyErde Jun 8 '12 at 19:09
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The answer to this appears to be a big fat no.

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