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When performing a telnet command to a remote FTP port from the Windows command line, it connects as expected.

I have about 20 external hosts to connect to. I've imported the list for the Angry IP Scanner to test, but it fails to get the response from the remote host(s). I've set the preferences in the application so it only tried to connect on the remote machine's port 21.

I've narrowed the list to 1 host and it does not show that port 21 is open. I assume the remote machine's firewall is blocking this connect attempt.

Question: Do you know of any other very lightweight apps which can help test multiple hosts?

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Are you sure it's not your own firewall blocking Angry IP Scanner (while allowing Windows' FTP)?

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Use nmap. It is available for windows too. It is the most famous port scanner and supports various types of scanning techniques.

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Are you sure that this host, not showing successful port 21 scan, is actually running anything on that port or is itself actually alive? Did you ping? or, call to check server state?

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Aha, I assumed this specific host was the same host used for "when I do a telnet test to a FTP port from the windows command line it works" -- but I may be wrong indeed? – Arjan Jul 13 '09 at 12:45

Also Angry IP Scanner is very lightweight, i like the fact its only 1 file so i can easily install this for others.

With NMAP, there seems to be a install package, with a whole host of features I dont really need.

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