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I have configured cluebringer 2.0.7 mysql httpd and all services are running well . But now i want to set per user mail quota for outgoing mails and want to restrict for a fix number of mail. I have tried to setup a quota for my host > but not working

Quota List

Policy:- Default Outbound Name:-Default Outbound Track:-Sender:user@domain Period:-60 verdict:-REJECT Data:- Disabled:- no

Quota Limits

Type:- MessageCount Counter Limit:- 1 Disabled:-no

Do I need to do anymore settings for quota ?

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Do you want a fix number of mail per hour, day, week, month? – Marc Stürmer Aug 1 '14 at 12:30

I hope you followed the instructions mentioned in the documentation:

What you show in your question doesn't even look similar to the documentation.

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You can also restrict users by enabling accounting module in cluebringer. which is available in beta version 2.1.x

This question can helps you.

Postfix limit number of emails send in a month/Day

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