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Would it be possible on a Linux box to show a browser window with only the content window, meaning no border around it, neither menu bars etc?

We need this for a big concert screen where a client program runs in the background. In front of that window we need to show a webpage, and it must look like the two programs are as one.

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  1. Browser

  2. Linux window managers (especially KDE) have additional options for border and menu configurations for all/any programs separately, it's called "Window behavior":

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Use Firefox and press F11, that should do the trick.

Edit: This will only show the browser in Full-Screen mode, and you can't see anything else. I am not sure this is what you want.

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try evilWM. According to this site it's very minimalistic and good for borderless stuff.

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Run the browser on X11 WITHOUT a window manager and in fullscreen mode. Used to work with Galeon, probably can be made to work with other well preconfigured Gecko derived browsers.

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Fullscreen is not an option as the window behind it must be visual. – webjay Jun 14 '12 at 8:03

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