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So we have a Barracuda web filter, but it's on its last leg, as we bought it many years ago. I've put off on updating the firmware, as in the new version they remove Bittorrent filtering. To me, it's pretty essential that a content filter block Bittorrent, as it is a huge source of liability on a corporate network. However, I've loved the barracuda. It's easy to use, very tweakable and the AD integration works well. I also really like that it has a transparent proxy mode so you don't need to setup a proxy on all your clients. One alternative I've looked at is Cyphonix Network Composer and while it has some nice features (Bandwidth Management and Shaping), it doesn't seem as user friendly. Does anybody have recommendations for an web filter to serve 100-200 users?

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What do you mean by your unit is "on its last leg"? You either have performance issues or hardware resource/health problems...

I'd probably just re-up the subscription on your unit, or upgrade the RAM on the system. The newest Barracuda software basically runs on a ramdisk and exceeds the available memory on older units. Constant swapping. A RAM upgrade resolves this in most cases.

Barracuda doesn't seem to want to be in the hardware business, as there are plenty of aging units out there with no coverage. If you call the renewals department, you may be able to work a deal for a hardware replacement or just pay the $4k for a new device.

There's also a cloud web filtering service available through Barracuda. That may make sense as well...

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