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I have a LAMP server (Ubuntu) running PHP. I want to host multiple domains on it.

My plan is to create different user for each domain because I want to make sure if one domain gets hacked, it wont affect other domains.

My worry is if one domain gets hacked, how do I prevent hacker from uploading a rogue PHP file that can grab data from my other domains? Is there a way to restrict all PHP files in a certain domain to only operate within that directory and not outside it?

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Hosting a true separated, secure multiple-domain environment is a bit of a project. I think the scope of this question may be a bit broad. – Hyppy Jun 13 '12 at 20:51

There's several ways to do this. SELinux being one. Virtual servers being another. If you're really savvy, perhaps LXC containers.

But your provided question is far too broad to provide a detailed answer. I'd suggest doing some researching and then ask us specifics if you run into problems testing out potential solutions.

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