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I'm struggling with this one. We have a folder within a shared drive that a certain group (group1) of users that can read/write and delete their own files and folders. However there is one account in particular (user1) that we want to be able to read/write but not delete any files (including their own). This works fine for Windows clients, but with Mac clients it comes up saying "The operation cannot be completed - you do not have sufficient privileges".

The current setup I've tried is:

  • Deny - user1 - Special (Delete subfolders and files, Delete)

  • Allow - user1 - Full Control

  • Allow - CREATOR OWNER - Full Control

  • Allow - group1 - Read & execute

All are set to Apply To: This folder, subfolders and files, except CREATOR OWNER is set to Subfolders and files only.

I appreciate any help on this.

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