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I have configured LDAP auth for Ubuntu using this guide.

The authentication works, but I have connection problems after reboot & suspend. Although the PC is configured using a static ip, after the login screen has been loaded, the pc needs still 10-15 seconds for the network-interface to be up & running. So when I enter my username & password immediately after booting, the login screen hangs and prompts a message Invalid user/pw.

So is there a simple solution for configuring ldap-auth to use a local cache when the server is not available? Or is there a possibility to speedup the network initialization?


After adding a static configuration to /etc/network/interfaces, I have a running network-connection on the login-screen, but unfortunately the booting takes now 10-15 seconds (Boot-Splash-Text: "Waiting for Network Connection")

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There is a offline credential cache in sssd that you can configure for your purpose but you probably need at least one successful online credential verification. Check the sssd.conf(5) man page for details and read about offline_credentials_expiration and the related stanzas.

This only solves the part of the question what to do if the authentication source is not available - for the boot process itself you would simply need to wait the 15 seconds.

You could try to minimize the 15 seconds somehow by reordering of the boot sequence.

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