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I am currently trying to create a test-deployment of the new Remote Desktop Services in Server 2012. I have been following these instructions from technet:

I have installed Server 2012 and installed Hyper-V. I then created the 3 test machines as per the technet instructions. Everything went fine until I got to the actual deployment of the VDI Quick Start when I try to install the service on the APP1 machine I get an error saying it does not have support for hardware assisted virtualization.

Since I am running the server on Hyper-V is there anyway to enable hardware assisted virtualization on the virtual processor? Or am I just going to have to run VDI on a non-virtualized server?

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It CAN be done using ESXi as the top level hypervisor (also in the free version), eg This might not be what you wanted to hear...

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absolutely correct, sucks but thats the way it is. – tony roth Jun 15 '12 at 3:58
Yeah, I have done it in ESXi 5, but I was hoping to compare it to Hyper-V. – josh Jun 15 '12 at 12:56

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