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How can I retrieve the names of all of the private MSMQ queues on the local machine, without using System.Messaging.MessageQueue.GetPrivateQueuesByMachine(".")? I'm using PowerShell so any solution using COM, WMI, or .NET is acceptable, although the latter is preferable.

Note that this StackOverflow question has a solution that returns all of the queue objects. I don't want the objects (it's too slow and a little flakey when there are lots of queues), I just want their names.

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In Powershell everything is an object. You can choose to list certain properties by using the select command which effectively discards the objects.

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Thanks, @uSlackr. I'm trying to avoid instantiating all the objects if I can help it, because it's very slow. Ideally, I want to instantiate only those queues that have a name matching a certain pattern. Since there is no API for that (that I'm aware of) I want to get the list of names, filter that, then retrieve each queue individually. –  Damian Powell Jun 15 '12 at 14:56

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