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I´ve been digging different forums in the last 7 days looking for a possible solution.... Our database is based on informix running in a Linux server (LINUX SUSE 11). Suddenly, last saturday informix began to show an error message:

listener-thread err=-25582 oserr=0, network connection is broken

End users started to call reporting about slow network performance to this server, moments where the database application lost connection with we proceeded doing a ping to the db server, getting good responses (1ms) without losing packets.

I tried typing telnet (ipserver) 1526 which is informix's port for the application, it works.

We had to disconnect the server and enable a backup db server which is located on another branch. It has been working in a regular way because the backup server hasn´t good specs (it is an old dell server model).

So, I scanned the main server looking for viruses using Trend Micro Server Protect, it didn´t find anything (0 viruses and spywares). I revised the switches and routers, but I haven´t find anything strange...

What else could be?

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