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Noob questions im guessing but im trying to find where to change "ServerTokens Full" to "ServerTokens Prod" but I cannot seem to find it. im in the apache/apache2.conf. Along with this I want to turn off ServerSignature any help with an explanation would be great.

I am just getting into this web servers and programming in general and am finding it pretty awesome.

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One sure way to stop being a noob is to read documentation – Iain Jun 16 '12 at 17:28

The default value for servertokens is Full this probably why you can't find it anywhere to change it. As you can see from the linked servertokens documentation the context is server config. The main Apache server configuration on ubuntu is found in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf so adding

ServerTokens Prod

to it and restarting Apache should do the trick.

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According to regarding ServerTokens:

Setting ServerTokens to less than minimal is not recommended because it makes it more difficult to debug interoperational problems. Also note that disabling the Server: header does nothing at all to make your server more secure; the idea of "security through obscurity" is a myth and leads to a false sense of safety.

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