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Can someone tell what does this mean? I tried a command like lastb to see last user logins and I see some strange logins from China (server is EU, I am in EU). I was wondering if these could be login attempts or successfull logins?

These seem to be very old and usually I lock port 22 to my IPs only, I think I had the port open for a while, last log is in July.

root     ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 12:26 - 12:26  (00:00)
root     ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 12:04 - 12:04  (00:00)
oracle   ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 11:43 - 11:43  (00:00)
gary     ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 11:22 - 11:22  (00:00)
root     ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 11:01 - 11:01  (00:00)
gt05     ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 10:40 - 10:40  (00:00)
admin    ssh:notty    222.92.89.xx     Sat Jul  9 10:18 - 10:18  (00:00)
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Do you see these names together with that IP in /var/log/auth too? – ott-- Jun 17 '12 at 16:09
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lastb only shows login failures. Use last to see successful logins.

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It shows people trying to upload or download content. The "notty" part means no tty (where tty is short for teletype) which these days means no monitor or gui, and the ssh indicates port 22, which taken together mean something like scp or rsync.

So not hacking or login attempts, but wrong or mistyped passwords. It might be some content was located via google, but required a password which someone tried to guess.

Actually, on reflection, the above is not right. They could be failed login attempts via ssh, as the questioner suspected; and (as I missed first time) they are at regular 21 or 22 minute intervals which suggests a degree of automation, but lastb shows failures by definition, so these results would need to be compared against last to see if any were successful.

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Close port 22. Configure your sshd to listen on a different port, and install and run denyhosts.

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Why dont use last ?? Please use the 'last' command, and look for ips from china or outside usa.

Also... man is your friend man lasttb

Lastb is the same as last, except that by default it shows a log of the file /var/log/btmp, which contains all the bad login attempts.

Cheers 3.1415

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