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I'm looking for a practical way to backup data from a server and keep all ACLs and permissions. I've looked at tar, but according to Google tar doesn't keep ACLs . I know rsync can keep ACLs and permissions, but only if the target system supports POSIX ACLs and have the same users. In my case I'm doing the backup to a directory that is located on AFS, so POSIX ACLs are not supported.

At the moment I have solved the problem by writing a script that uses find to recurse through the system (I'm using find because I which to exclude some directories) and saves the permissions and ACLs to a text file. This solution works, but is painfully slow. Is there a better solution?

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See also this duplicate question. – Totor Apr 22 '13 at 15:15
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apt-get install star
man star
star -acl -whatever -other -options -you -need

Star is tar with support for extended POSIX headers, that is, the ability to store some extra data about a file in the tar file. The -acl option gets the ACLs; you need it for both archive creation and extraction.

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If you don't want to install another program, you can backup the ACLs separately:

getfacl -R somedir > acls.txt

This dumps all the ACLs from somedir into the file acls.txt.

To restore, use:

setfacl -R --set-file=acls.txt somedir
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+1 for something I just didn't know. – Moritz Both Sep 6 '11 at 6:53

beside star you can use bsdtar

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