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I'm setting up a new dev webserver that is on Cent OS 6 with Plesk 10.4. I've had a look around and can't find anything about an SVN module for Plesk so am thinking of just installing SVN and manually setting up each site as a repo.

Is there anything I need to take into consideration when doing this such as permissions/usernames? Or is it okay to just go ahead and treat it like any other installation of SVN?

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Okay I've managed to set up SVN on this server. I'm leaving this here in case anybody else wants to see how I did it.

I assumed that you don't need to do anything special just because Plesk is on the system and this turned out to be true.

I followed the instructions here to install and setup svn and then the instructions here to set up the repos.

NOTE: If you use the instructions from the first link then when it comes to checking out your code remotely then the correct url would be svn+ssh://username@yourhost/yourproject as the wrapper script automatically looks in /var/svn/repos/

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