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I've switched to SQuirrel Client to view an Oracle database with a variety of tables. At any given time, I need to look at the contents of several related tables at the same time. The problem is that, at least by default, SQuirrel Client does not open up multiple tables at a time. When you click on a different Table object, the main view is refreshed with newly selected table data.

Oracle's SQLDeveloper (which I am trying to move away from) did this by default if I recall, but there was an option to "freeze" panes. Does a similar option exist in SQuirrel Client? I do not require the ability to view the contents of two different tables on the same screen (i.e. a split view) but I would like the ability to have tabs for each table so I can quickly switch between each table view rather then having to find the table in the table list over and over again.

Note: I am using this in a professional capacity but if it does not "belong" here then I suppose it could be moved to superuser.

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