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Is it possible to create one ISO with one kickstart file that will work correctly when written to CD/DVD and as a USB?

As far as I can tell I need two separate versions as modifications are needed in isolinux.cfg (ks=) and ks.cfg (because I access the install media in %post)

It seems odd isolinux.cfg doesn't default to the root of the installation media and that kickstart doesn't have a global define for the source media device.

Or is there an alternative to kickstart?

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Pull the kickstart file off a web server on your local network.


(It's highly unlikely that you don't have a web server on your local network...)

If you have to install lots of systems, consider using Spacewalk.

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It's not possible. USB need syslinux to be bootable. The source installation device is different too as you can see below.

Boot parameter:

CD/DVD use "repo=cdrom:<device>" while USB use "repo=hd:<device>:/<path>".

ks.cfg file :

CD/DVD use "cdrom" . USB use "harddrive --partition=hdb2 --dir=/tmp/install-tree"

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