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What is the best backup strategy for saving IIS 6.0 data: web metadata, files, logs etc. for disaster recovery?

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We've been using the web deployment tool (aka msdeploy) to sync our main web server with our failover servers. It's great - it'll migrate permissions, IIS configuration, virtual directories, files, folders; in fact, we used it to mirror our main web server onto a fresh Windows 2008 box in about ten minutes, and it just worked - really impressive.

It's the best way we've found of capturing IIS files and configuration state.

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How do you schedule the sync?… – Robin M May 21 '09 at 16:13

We use

It does excellent backups and is configured in 5 minutes in a small xml file.

We nightly dump the IIS XML config into a directory using Iisback.vbs

Check it out at

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