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I'm pretty new to runit. I installed it on a Ubuntu host.

What I did:

1) created a dir testrun in /etc/sv

2) created a script run in /etc/sv/testrun/run, the script content:

#! /bin/bash
exec /root/FP/annotate-output python /root/FP/test.py | logger -t svtest

3) If I call directly /etc/sv/testrun/run it executes successfully

4) I run sv start testrun (or sv run testrun, sv restart testrun), all of them end up with the same error msg:

fail: sv: unable to change to service directory: file does not exist

Any ideas what am I doing wrong? I'm new to runit and base all my actions on the information found here: http://smarden.org/runit/

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It seems that sv controls services that are started and monitored by runit (using runsv). As runit on my machine does not actually replace sysvinit, it does not run and does not monitor the /services/ which should contain symbolic links to /etc/sv/ directories.

Running runsv /etc/sv/testrun/ seems to do the expected runit behavior.

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