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As title says, having some trouble with MSTP configuration. I have an HP 5412 zl and an HP 5406 zl essentially connected with 2 cables between then , one link being primary (P) and second being secondary (S).


  5412                 5406

I am running MSTP between on the two switches. The 5412 acts as the root and as expected B enters a blocking state on the 5406 end. When P goes down on either the 5412 side or 5406 side the 5406 does not send out TCN BPDUs, rather simply puts the blocked port back into forwarding mode and the network fails.

I normally deal with Cisco devices but as far as I can tell all settings are what they should be. Any ideas as to why 5406 will not send out TCN packets?

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Can you get it to work with standard STP as a point of reference? In other contexts I've seen issues like this where the problem turned out to be assigning all of the interfaces to the appropriate instance, but I can't claim a ton of familiarity with the Procurves either. – rnxrx Jun 19 '12 at 21:09

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