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I have some issues with a Windows 2003 server. I replaced a disk in an RAID 5 array but the rebuild aborts because of a read error on another disk in the array. I fould out that there is a data file I can't access, as if I just try right-click on it Windows Explorer becomes unresponsive, and I must reboot the server. I imagine the problem is with that file, but how can I just delete it? Thanks

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Is it hardware or software RAID ? It matters ! I would check the remaining disks for integrity ASAP. – drcelus Jun 20 '12 at 10:43

You can try to unlock the file using Unlocker:

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  1. Try deleting from cmd line
  2. Run chkdsk /f /x which requires a reboot, then try deleting
  3. Boot from a winPE disk such as Ucdc4win then delete from this
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