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I've some questions about to configure a FTP on a windows server 2008 .

I've already everything installed.

I need to have to login which have access to different folder(depending on the user/group).

So, out-of-the-box, I didn't succeed to configure different folder depending on the user.

So I created two sites, one for each login, and I give the corrects rights to each other. But since I've only one IP and one incoming port, I've to set a different virtual host for each server(otherwise it seems that the second FTP site cannot starts).

But now the problem I've is that I need to specify once the server(ex, and once the virtual host in the user:|myUserA

(See here for more info)

I feel this like so dirty, redundant. So is there anyway to avoid:

  1. To set different virtual host
  2. If not, to not have this virtualHost to specify within the user field

Thank you!

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You could use User Isolation to do this. It's in the management console, there's a button labeled "FTP User Isolation". Just do that; I think you're over-thinking it.

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I made it! And I used Virtual directories to point LocalUser/myUser to the right directory. Im curious if it's possible to have all users of one group that can have access to directory A and all users of another group acess to directory B, without configuring all those virtualdirectory – J4N Jun 22 '12 at 7:15

A quick solution would be CrushFTP It easily does this and much more. Very low cost and great support even during the free evaluation.

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