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We have three sites A, B an C. There is an OpenVPN link from A to B and from A to C. A is the client for both.

Bnet Cnet
|    |
B    C
 \   /
  \ /

Anet can communicate with Bnet and Cnet just fine. Both Bnet and Cnet can communicate with Anet. The problem is that Bnet cannot communicate with Cnet.

The routing on both B and C is configured from the openvpn.conf:


The result is visible in "route -n". It works for 192.168.108.x (Anet) but not the others.

When I do a "tcpdump -i tun0 proto ICMP" on B and A when pinging C from B, I can see the requests getting into the tunnel but not out of it:

17:34:16.216271 IP > ICMP echo request, id 40798, seq 1, length 64

There are no firewall rules at all, all policies are ACCEPT.

Is there anything preventing packets from one client tunnel to get to another client tunnel ?

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The "route" commands above were not enough, there was a

client-config-dir client-configs

Entry which led to a subconfig file:


I added this:


And now it is routing properly between the VPNs !

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