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I have a weird problem where a user (director, naturally) has an odd problem with the way the to field shows in his Outlook.

We are using Outlook 2010 (with RPC/HTTP) and Exch 2003 at the back end.

Most of his mail shows in his mailbox with the To: field as normal. (e.g. Fred Bloggs in the to field.) However, some mails come in showing in the To: field as fred.bloggs@mycorp.com. (Apparently this is an issue!)

For example, most show as:

enter image description here

but a few come in as:

enter image description here

There doesn't appear to be a pattern to this. I have tried to replicate by:

  1. Sending from any specific senders to see if it recurs (it doesn't)
  2. Typing his full name in my Outlook and sending (it resolves as normal)
  3. Sending programatically (e.g. from script) - (it still resolves OK)
  4. Forcing a "fred.bloggs@mycorp.com" entry in my Outlook. It resolves as soon as I hit enter
  5. Sending in cached mode
  6. Sending disconnected

Anyone got any ideas how I can either replicate the problem or fix it! I can't tell at the moment whether it is a problem at his end or the sender's.


This seems to be a global issue, following some more digging. Most people seem to have a few emails in their inbox addressed to their smtp address, rather than display name.

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Your saying when he types fred in his to field the autocomplete says fred.bloggs? if so, you can simply highlight that autocomplete and hit delete. –  TheCleaner Jun 20 '12 at 16:16
No, it's for incoming mail. He is the recipient, and it shows in the To field. (I have tried simulating a "bad" autocomplete entry but it resolves as it should on delivery –  Ben Jun 20 '12 at 16:23
Is the problem perhaps on the other end? What happens if you send an email to "Dumbass Pointy Haired Boss" <fred.bloggs@mycorp.com> What does the "To" field show up as? (Maybe use something less honest than my example, though.) –  HopelessN00b Jun 20 '12 at 17:13
Nope - luckily that resolves to his name properly, too! –  Ben Jun 21 '12 at 9:00
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