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I've been using opscode chef for remote configuration and I wanted to test my chef scripts locally, so I started working on setting up a vagrant box. But, I can't seem to get my vagrant boxes to register. I get errors like the ones listed here:

My Vagrantfile looks like this: do |config| = "lucid32"

  config.vm.forward_port 80, 8080

  config.vm.provision :chef_client do |chef|
   chef.chef_server_url = ""
   chef.validation_key_path = ".chef/pinedesk-validator.pem"
   chef.validation_client_name = "pinedesk-validator"
   chef.node_name = "vagrant"
   chef.provisioning_path = "/etc/chef"
   chef.log_level = :debug

   chef.add_role "base"

And my .chef folder has these:


Chef appears appears to register a new client, and then gets an HTTP 401 when creating the node. Any pointers?

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It appears you are trying to register a new client by a name that already exists.

If you run knife client list you should see a client name that matches your vagrant vm's host name

Assuming the hostname is 'vagrant' you could run this:

for foo in client node ; do knife $foo delete vagrant -y ; done

then run vagrant up or vagrant provision

You will probably want to delete the client and node after every vagrant destroy

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Cassiano Leal's vagrant-butcher gem ensures that nodes and clients associated with your Vagrant VMs are deleted when the VMs are destroyed. – cwjohnston Dec 31 '12 at 8:48
Is there a way not to delete client, but reuse an existing one? – Vladislav Rastrusny Aug 6 '14 at 13:41

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