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The title pretty much says it all, but here is a short additional example:

What I'd like:

  • Multiple screen windows
  • Multiple "contexts": for example a "resources" context, a "compiling" context, etc.
  • Each context can have it's own subset of open windows which are divided by split-screens

At this moment, it seems only possible to create multiple screen sessions to achieve this.

Is it possible to create one screen instance that provides the above functionality?

If not, is it possible to switch between active screen instances just as you would switch between the windows by using ^A "?

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Window splits seem to be per-login, but doing so seems to somewhat mangle your buffer sizes if you use multi-attach (screen -x). You might be able to get something similar to what you want using multi-attach, but your question doesn't include exactly what you want, so hopefully the pointer to the -x option will help.

You can run screen under screen, though. To save your sanity I'd suggest changing the 'context switcher' screen instance's hotkey to something other than ^A.

It also sounds like you might be interested in something like ratpoison or StumpWM if you've got a linux desktop.

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