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I’m working with a non-profit organization that needs to do fairly low volume printing to a large number (approx. 25) of different preprinted forms on one or two printers. They want the ability to mail-merge individual documents on demand throughout the day and have the documents wait in a print queue until the appropriate form is loaded into the printer.

The people generating the documents are customer service representatives, not system administrators so the print queues have to be easy to manage. The documents are generated with various versions of Microsoft Word and they contain sensitive information so the printer has to be located in the same department. Dropping preprinted forms and printing everything from Word is not an option at the present time.

I expected Windows Server (2008 R2) Print Services would have the ability to queue by form type, but unless I’m missing the obvious, it doesn’t. Please correct me if I’m missing the obvious. I have found a few 3rd party spoolers that appear the have the requred abilities but also have more features and complexity than necessary. For example, EasySpooler by ROC Software.

The organization has an installed network of Windows servers and clients and would prefer not to add Linux/Unix servers or devices for print management functions.

Can Windows Server 2008 R2 actually do this “out of the box?” Any other recommendations?

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