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So I have a GED system that store files following the following scheme:


and store that path in a DB.

You can choose to store only by month in that case the path would be:


We didn't realize that while we were on windows XP and 2003 as they automatically remove the extra backslash.

But it seems that windows 7 and 2008 are not. Since we migrate our server and client we have huge issue about this.

Does anyone now if there is a way to tell 7 and 2008 to ignore the extra backslash ?

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Wouldn't it be better to adjust the database accordingly? Shouldn't be a big problem to replace \\ with \... ?

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I have to ask for the thrid party provider to make a developement to change the way he writes the path in the DB (MSSQL2005). The path data is stored as text in the DB. – Luke Jun 21 '12 at 14:11

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