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I am currently using HAProxy in order to load balance tcp connections from clients to my Erlang app server. The connection is persistent, which means I'm limited to roughly 64K clients on an optimized server (I'm currently running HAProxy on an m1.large EC2 instance). My app server is designed to horizontally scale based on the number of TCP connections. What's worrying me though is I'll need an equal number of HAProxy servers as app servers since it's a 1:1 connection. Is there currently a way to "proxy" the tcp connection to the app server so that once HAProxy sends the client off to my Erlang server, it can free up the connection, ready to serve another client? Are there any papers, existing solutions out there I can read so that I only have to worry about the 64K limit on my app servers, and not on the load balancing servers themselves?

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Where are you getting a 64K limit from? Is that a limit for one of your app servers? – Paul Kroon Jun 22 '12 at 18:37

What makes you think you are limited to 64K clients? You should be able to serve more than that. It's not the port count that is the limiting factor, but the memory and CPU power that limits the amount of connections you can have open at any given time. Check: which is dated, just think of it as a c100k or c1M problem instead. :-)

By the way the haproxy site has an excellent article on the subject of load balancing and haproxy's architecture:

Regarding connection limit, this is a theoretical limit that normally you wouldn't reach as you'd run out of resources before that.


"The TCP standard sets up unique connection identifiers as the tuple of local IP address, local TCP port number, remote IP address, and remote TCP port number. In your example, the local numbers are both fixed, which leaves approximately 2^32 remote IP (version 4) addresses, and 2^16 TCP port numbers, or an approximate total potential simultaneous TCP connections of 281,474,976,710,656 (2^48, or 2.81 * 10^14, or 281 trillion)."

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I think the best way to answer your question is to point out that you shouldn't need a 1:1 mapping between HAProxy and your app servers. A persistent connection is possible with HAProxy through several methods. I would suggest searching the documentation for "persistent" to learn more:

For example, with just TCP connections, adding balance source to your config should provide persistence for you.

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64k per host is a definite hard limit but the appserver handling it typically runs out of memory before that. Typically Java appservers run at 2000 concurrent connections before the 32 bit vm runs out of heap.

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