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I'm trying to configure Monit to run my script but it's not working.

I'm running Monit 5.3.2 from a Ubuntu 11.2 environment (it's a virtual machine, my machine actually is Windows 7), and for some reason I cannot make the "check program" to work. It always gives the error: Warning: Program is not executable: 'scriptPath'.

Just in case, I tested by copying the example Monit has on the manual ( and created the script as the manual, as described below:

An example:

  check program myscript with path "/usr/local/bin/"
  if status != 0 then alert 

Sample script for the above example (/usr/local/bin/

 echo test
 exit $?

Anyway, even with those instructions, I still receive the same error message: Warning: Program is not executable: /usr/local/bin/

I have no idea what can be happening. Any suggestion is very welcome.

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As the error message says, your script file is not executable. You need to add the x permissions using chmod:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/
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Hi Mihael, thank you so much! It worked! As you see, I'm not only new to Monit but also to Linux! – Thais M K Manfrin Jun 22 '12 at 5:13

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