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I'm trying to enable e-mail alerts for an operator in SQL Server (2000). When I try to test the e-mail, I get the following message:

  • Error 22022: SQLServerAgent Error: The SQLServerAgent mail session is not running; check the mail profile and/or the SQLServerAgent service startup account in the SQLServerAgent Properties dialog.

When I open [Server].Management.[SQL Server Agent] in Enterprise Manager, The only option that seems at all relevant is the "Mail Session" section; but the "Mail Profile" field (and everything else in the box) has been grayed out.

How do I get those fields enabled?

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You need to install Outlook on the server, log on as the account you use to run SQL server under and configure Outlook.

See also, KB311231.

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Right-click on the server, click on Properties, then verify that your mail profile shows up on the Server Settings tab.

More info here:

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