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I have created a dynamic component presentation which contains UGC TCDL tags. The DCP is published to the broker database as REL.

I can see in the COMPONENT_PRESESENTATIONS table that the tags are present. (<tcdl:PostRating .../>, <tcdl:ContextVariable..../> and the like.)

In the COMPONENT_PRES_META_DATA table, I can see that the DCP in question has a COMPONENT_OUTPUT_FORMAT of REL.

I have reduced my test case to a page that does simply the following:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
  var ass = new Tridion.ContentDelivery.DynamicContent.ComponentPresentationAssembler("tcm:19-448-64");
  Response.Write(ass.GetContent("tcm:19-429", "tcm:19-449-32"));

This page renders the content of the DCP exactly as it is to be found in the database, with the <tcdl:/> tags still intact.

In the bin\config\cd_dynamic_conf.xml file in the web site, is configured a Configuration/TCDLEngine/Renderer/TagBundle element, as follows:

<TagBundle Resource="ugc_renderer_bundle.xml"/>

and bin\lib\ugc_dynamic.jar is present

Where else should I be looking for problems with my configuration? Are there any other possible causes for this problem, or approaches I might take?

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FYI: There is a proposal for a dedicated Tridion site -- If you work with Tridion regularly you may want to visit Area 51 and commit to that site if you haven't already, it's very close to going into Beta. – voretaq7 Dec 11 '12 at 17:39
Thanks @voretaq7. I've been committed to the proposal from the very beginning. It's very welcome to see you encouraging people to join. – Dominic Cronin Dec 11 '12 at 17:57

I've seen the 2011 SP1 documentation mentions that the TagBundle element needs to go under the Configuration/TCDLEngine/Renderer element, however the UGC documentation seems to indicate otherwise:

In the <TCDLEngine> section, insert the following element just before the end tag:

<TagBundle Resource="ugc_renderer_bundle.xml"/>

So that's right in the TCDLEngine element and not inside a Renderer element. I'm not sure why that is and which one of the two might be a documentation defect (or if even both are valid for certain cases), but have you tried the configuration this way?

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Thanks for this interesting input, Bart. If you do that, cd_dynamic_conf.xml doesn't validate any more. It does make a difference to what gets displayed on the page, but it doesn't fix the problem. – Dominic Cronin Dec 1 '12 at 17:03
perhaps this is a good one to pick up with Customer Support then, as there obviously is something wrong here somewhere – Bart Koopman Dec 3 '12 at 8:51

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