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I'm using nginx to rewrite a url

rewrite ^/old$ /new1 permanent;

I need to change the address that /old redirects to (/new1) every few days. I noticed that when I change the /new1 url to /new2 and restart nginx, browser still redirects to /new1 untill I clear browser cache.

How can I prevent browser from cacheing redirection url?

P.S. The reason I need to keep changing the url is that I have a banner set up on one of the sites and in order to not bother the site owner with new url all the time, I though I'd give him one address to use and keep changing my redirection myself.

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You should not use permanent redirections. The code should be:

rewrite ^/old$ /new1 redirect;
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That worked. Thank you. – user80666 Jun 25 '12 at 17:28

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