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I have a 3 node AlwaysOn Availability Group on a 3 node WSFC using node majority. 2 nodes are setup as synchronous with automatic fail-over, the 3rd is setup as asynchronous with manual fail-over. When I try to fail-over using the GUI, I get a warning as shown in the screenshot. There is no warning or error if I fail-over with T-SQL.

Adding a file share to the quorum doesn't help. The only way I can resolve the warning is to remove the asynchronous sql instance from the 3rd node (it remains part of the WSFC). Either way, the AlwaysOn dashboard says quorum is OK. Am I missing something? Is this a bug in the GUI that I should just ignore?

Fail Over Wizard

Clicking "Action Required" gives the following error:

The current WSFC cluster quorum vote configuration is not recommended for this availaiblity group.

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I have the exact same issue! If you managed to resolve this please post as an answer. – g18c Aug 18 '12 at 19:22
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We had the same setup as you. For us, the fix was to apply the hotfix in KB2494036. Additional details and an outline of the issue and symptoms are available in KB2761129

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