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OK, I am looking for some pointers. Basically I have a white-label app/site that will allow users to setup their own domain to use for their customer front-end. We have 2 dedicated servers and a load balancer. The problem is SSL, we were thinking about using AWS ELB to handle the SSL loadbalancing, but cant seem to figure out if it will properly handle it, it seems to be setup to work with EC2 instances, but we are using externally hosted servers via a loadbalancer.

A blog post by AWS looks similar to what we need but it only seems to work with EC2 instances. http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2011/08/elastic-load-balancer-ssl-support-options.html

Anyone had experience setting ELS SSL load balancers up to work with external servers?

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You can't point an ELB at external servers. EC2 only. Look into stuff like CloudFlare, perhaps? –  ceejayoz Jun 26 '12 at 15:25
Better create an ec2 instance which will run nginx and will act as a load ballancer if you still want to keep the load-ballancer on aws. The elastic load ballancer is not very good at keeping high loads, we did some tests earlier and at approximatively 250 requests/second it was dropping off connections while the ec2 instance was responding ok to the same amount of requests. –  Logic Wreck Jun 27 '12 at 11:08
ELB can handle high loads just fine. If your load is linear you won't have any problems. If you will have spikes in traffic you will need to pre-warm the ELB (send a support ticket for that). Keep in mind when doing testing that if you don't use keep-alive's you won't be properly replicating REAL traffic. Also if you don't use different IPs when doing testing the ELB won't distribute traffic the same way it would in the real world. –  Drew Khoury Apr 7 '13 at 4:24

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